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Cavapoochon Breed Guide


 What is a Cava-Poo-Chon?
Cavapoochon are a triple hybrid of the ever loved Cavalier King Charles, Bichon Frise and Poodle (Miniature or Toy sized).
Combing all three breeds, with the gentle and loyal nature of the Cavalier King Charles, the intelligent, affectionate, teddy bear like appearance of the Bichon Frise and the extremly intelligent, lively and loving  Poodle, Cava-Poo-Chon are fast becoming know as the most ‘perfect dog on the planet‘ !
The correct ratio of breeding is F1 Cavachon (half Cavalier, half Bichon mother) and either Toy or Miniature sized Poodle father.
This triple hybrid, is also being hailed as ‘the forever puppy’ as he is known to never lose his perfect puppy face. With big child like eyes, Teddy Bear face and cuddly stature, Cavapoochon puppies are real life Teddy Bears. 
Such is the amazing nature of our Cavapoochon puppies, many of them go on to work as therapy dogs helping children, working in schools and helping and enriching people’s lives. We are extremely proud of this! 

Coat type: The Cavapoochon coat is non shed, it comes in two types, curly fleece and wavy. 
Both coat types are considered hypoallergenic and non shed although the curlier fleece coat is suitable for even severe allergy sufferers. 

Temperament: Loving, sensitive and highly intelligent, Cavapoochon are almost human like in their personality. 
Trainability: With there eager to please nature and high intelligence, Cavapoochon are one of the most easy to train dog breeds.
Shedding level : Non shed and hypoallergenic. 

Grooming requirements: Regular brushing is essential and this breed will benefit from regular professional groom to keep there coat looking beautiful. 
Suitable for children : Cavapoochon adore children, they are the perfect family dog, many of them go on to train as therapy dogs.
Apartment living : Both sizes of Cavapoochon will be perfectly happy living in an apartment. City dwellers usually choose the toy size due to space being at a minimum and the Miniature version will certainly appreciate outside space to explore. 
What size Cavapoochon, Toy Cavapoochon or Miniature ?
Toy Cavapoochon are the smaller type and as adults will weigh between 5-10kg, usually on the  smaller end of this range.
The well bred toy Cavapoochon puppy has health tested F1 Cavachon mother and health tested Toy Poodle father.
Toy Cavapoochon puppies resemble small round teddy bears with big human like eyes, they can have curlier fleece coats or a softer wavy coat. Both coat types are hypoallergenic. Colours will usually range from a Sandy colour right through to a deep mahogany Red.
No two Cavapoochon puppies are the same physically so each one is unique in looks.
Personality wise, these sweet, cute little dogs are highly intelligent and sociable. They are very in tune with there owner and love to be around there human family and will only happy at the heart of there household. Excellent as family dogs, first time dogs and therapy dogs, this puppy is truly the perfect dog and all rounder.
These puppies are great for families that love Cavapoochon but are more limited with space, many of them go on to live in cities. They are also the correct weight to be able to fly in the cabin on most airlines.
Size and Weight
Around 1.5-3kg at 8 weeks old.
Adult weight 5-10kg but tending towards smaller end.
Height, 10-12 inches to the shoulder.
This is a guide only and sizes can vary, just like us humans !
Toy Cavapoochon adult weight will range from 5kg upto around 10kg but will average at around 6kg. This is a guide only of course as these puppies are a triple hybrid but in general, they are a small dog that can be carried if needed.
The original and most popular size, these puppies will grow to a small/medium sized dog at around 8-12kg and around 12-14 inches to the shoulder.
The perfect all rounder, Miniature Cavapoochon can handle long walks but are just as happy on the sofa.
These dogs are often nicknamed ‘Velcro dogs’ such is there attachment to there humans, they are almost human like in there nature and to know a Cavapoochon is to adore one.
Cavapoochon are a true family dog, they adore children and adults alike.
Great for families with children, they will play for hours and be sensible enough to know when to rest.
Cavapoochon Lifespan: 12-18 years, making them one of the longes living breeds of dog.
As they are a triple hybrid, any potential inherited diseases are effectively bred out.
This is of course helped immensely by health testing of parents.
Cavapoochon Age Of Maturity: 10 months approx.
Cavapoochon mature earlier than many other breeds and do most of there growing in the first few months.
Cavapoochon Adult Size: 6-10kg
The adult weight can vary a lot depending on if your puppy has a Toy or Miniature size father, gender etc.. but overall they are considered a small dog.
Cavapoochon Excercise Needs: Low/Moderate
Toy or Miniature sized Cavapoochon will enjoy long walks just as much as cosying up in front of the tv. Exciting, stimulating walks will always be appreciated but there needs are relatively low, a trot round the garden is just as exciting for them as a woodland adventure.
Cavapoochon Feeding: Cavapoochon enjoy there food but are not hugely motivated by it and are economical to feed to a healthy diet.
We have ranges of high quality products to suit both sizes of Cavapoochon puppy.