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Posh Poos

Posh Poos Dog Cage Cover In Heritage Stripe

Posh Poos Dog Cage Cover In Heritage Stripe

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Posh Poos, Proudly Designed and Made In The United Kingdom!

Posh Poos Dog Crate Cover to fit our two door crate.

Turn your pups crate into a luxurious, cosy den that will also look beautiful in your home with our Dog Crate Cover.

Made in a beautiful ticking stripe fabric, this crate set is washable and durable, perfect for puppies and adults alike.

Co-ordinating crate cushion also available to fit inside the bottom of the crate, sold separately.

A crate is a essential training item for new puppies as well as being a cosy hideaway for adults.  Training experts recommend covering the crate to make a more cosy environment for your dog, roll up doors to be able to control the amount of light that comes into the crate, perfect for creating a bedtime routine.


•Creates a cosy den for your pup

 •Beautiful and practical, Heritage Stripe in Taupe and Cream colours, gorgeous in any home.

 •Keep out the draughts for older dogs and help new puppies feel secure and cosy in there new home

 •Helps with toilet training

 •Roll up doors to control amount of light, perfect for bedtime routines!

 •Suitable for both adults and puppies

 •Easy care fabric, gentle wash cycle at 30 degrees and allow to dry naturally, can be ironed on a gentle setting.

 Designed by breeders for puppies and adults alike.

Crate covers come in two sizes, 24 inch suitable for Toy size puppies and adults, 30 inch, suitable for Miniature and Medium sized dogs and adults.

 We also have a co-ordinating crate cushion, and cosy bed in the same range, sold separately.

Crate covers will fit any crate of the same dimensions but the fit will be optimum on our own Posh Poos crates, CRATE SOLD SEPARATELY 


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