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Posh Poos

Posh Poos Crate Cushion in Heritage Stripe

Posh Poos Crate Cushion in Heritage Stripe

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Posh Poos Co-ordinating Crate Cushion

Turn your dogs crate into a cosy, luxurious retreat with this gorgeous Dog Crate Cushion in Heritage Stripe fabric in shades of Taupe and Cream. 

Available in two sizes (24 inch and 30inch), this cushion covers the whole base of the crate. 
Designed to co-ordinate with our Posh Poos dog crate cover or used alone, this crate cushion will elevate the asthetic as well as comfort levels your puppies crate. 

Also available in the Posh Poos Heritage range is co-ordinating Crate Cover, Soft Beds, Cosy Sherpa Blankets and Tweed Harness Set. 

Posh Poos Crate Cushions are designed to fit inside our range of Dog Crates. They will of course fit inside any other crate with the same dimensions but fit will be optimum inside our own brand crates. 

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